1890 List of School

The Schools of Christian County as of 1890 By Districts

Contributed by Wayne Glenn


The list below was found my Wayne Glenn in the Christian County Clerk's Office.

The schools were set up in districts based on surveyed sections of land, townships and ranges.

Wayne notes that by 1900 many of these schools had different names.


District 1          Sherrow, McHaffie, Blue Springs, Daucerer (?)

District 2          Burkhart, Boston, Chadwick

District 3          Faucett, Snooks

District 4          Swanville, Williard, Dorland

District 5          Pedelow, Roller

District 6          Cowan, Smyrna, Linden

District 7          Beamon, Sparta, Bell, Monger

District 8          Tate, Bilyeu, Meadows

District 9          Hopedale, Maple Grove, Richwood

District 10        Ozark, Wilson, Prospect

District 11        Tillman, Shady Grove

District 12        Collins, Deeds, Highlandville, Tory Branch

District 13        Eaudive, White Oak, Reno

District 14        Wesley Chapel, Howard, Faught, Sellars

District 15        Garden Grove, Rosedale, Riverdale, Eastern Star

District 16        Obryant, Wise Hill, Bennett, Bishop

District 17        Barnet, Frazier, Taylor

District 18        Oak Hill, Lane, Billings, French

District 19        Smart, Napper, Anderson Wiles