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Carter Cemetery

Carter Cemetery

(used by permission of Connie Bogner, Rachel Donnelson Chapter, D.A.R., and Mabel Phillips of the Christian County Library, who reserve the right to future use of this material)

Location: In Busiek Wildlife Area

Read April 1999 by Connie Bogner. Proofread July 1999 by Marilyn Dexter.

As of April 1999 (proofread July 1999), there were 29 stones visible in the Carter Cemetery. Many visible stones were parts or bases of tombstones with the top half broken and missing. Some stones had the top half resting or leaning up against the base but not attached. (T) refers to top of the stone; (M) middle; (B) bottom. The cemetery sets on top of a hill across the creek from the parking lot of the Busiek Wildlife Area. A trail leads up the the cemetery with a sign acknowledging the Carter Cemetery founded 1891. The cemetery is a rectangle with the graces lying east and west. I numbered the rows from east to west and the graves from south to north.

Row 1 - Three stones

1. L. A. Tillmon Born Oct 17, 1856; died May 8, 1902: "Christ is my home"

2. (broken stone) Geo. W. Tillman May 24 1850; Aug 3 1911 (T) "Come Ye Blessed"  (B) "He is not dead but sleepeth"

3. Mary L., Wife of L. G. Dye' July 13 1877; Feb 27 1920; "Rest mother rest in quiet sleep While friends in sorrow o'er thee weep" {D/o Harvey & Angeline (Creed) Bilyeu – Death Certificate}

Row 2 - Four Stones

4. H. R. Carter; died Jan 22 1891; age about 65 years; Mexican War Veteran" "Gone byt not forgotten"

5. Dialtha F. Carter; Mar 1820; Sep 13 1906; (T) "I hope"; (B) She believed and sleeps in Jesus"; Carter

6. Andrew J. Carter; May 22 1861; Jul 13 1913; (T) "In after time we'll meet him"; (M) Come unto me  -- See his Obituary {S/o Dialtha –Death Certificate}

7. J. L. Carter, Feb 9 1851; May 27 1917 "It was hard to give thee up, But thy will, O God, be done"

Row 3 - six stones

8. C. L. Carter; Sep 6 1871; May 15 1899 "Gone to a beautiful home Where grief can not come" Carter

9. Dewey S. Carter; July 13 1898; Feb 22 1920: "His toils are past, His work is done, He fought the fight, The victory done" {S/o Luther & Mary (Bilyeu) Carter – Death Certificate}

10. Jno. Wilhite Co E 14 MO S M Cav

11. Mary L. (Bilyeu) Dye; Wife of J. G. Dye; July 13 1877; Feb 27 1920 , D/o Harvey & Angeline (Creed) Bilyeu, "Rest Mother- Rest in Peace" [New stone - seems to be a replacement for another stone elsewhere in same cemetery] Death Certificate

12.  Heart shaped stone: James L. Son of James & Mary Dye; Aug 5 1917; Mar 6 1920; "Gone so soon"

13 Clessie Dye Apr 16 1908; July 15 1910; "Our Baby" D/o James Wesley & Mary (Arterberry) Dye

Row 4 - one legible stone and one broken stone

14. Gladys Dye July 15 1912 May 26 1913; Glen Dye June 21 1914, June 21 1916 "Son and dau of Henry and Nora Dye, Suffer Little Children, Come unto Me"

5. This stone located between ro 4 and row 5. It was broken with nothing written on the stone.

Row 5 - six stones

16 Clara L. Goodhue; Born in Chicago IL August 19 1876; Died April 1 1895; "Victory! Precious in the Sight of the Lord is the Death of His Saints"

17. Geo. W. Wells; Co F; 193 Ohio Inf

18. Illegible and broken

19. Broken stone

20. Johnny J. Horn; Born Feb 11 1892 Jan 6 1894

Row 6 - two broken stones

21. Broken stone

22. Broken stone

Row 7 - one stone

23. D. W. Goodhue; Born Jun 22 1835; Died Mar 30 1902 "Precious in the Sight of the Lord is the Death of His Saints"

Row 8 - two legible stones and four illegible stones

24. Charlie Dye (scratched, not engraved into the stone) Wooden cross leaning up against the small stone) Born Aug 27 1880, Died Feb 13 1935, H/o Maud, S/o Will Taylor & Adeline (Gideon) Dye as per Death Certificate

25. Will Wade (scratched into the stone0

26. Illegible

27. Illegible

28. Illegible

[Note from Mabel - I couldn't remember whether I had seen the Wade stones last time I was at the cemetery. I wasn't even sure there was only to erect anything. This was not the only family this happened to, but I remember the newspaper story of Will, his wife, one of their parents who lived with them and four young sons all dying within ten days during the flu epidemic - a baby boy, born amidst the death of his family, was alive at the time of the publication but "his life is dispaired of". I never saw a follow up as to whether the baby lived]

The following burials are found in the Missouri Death Certificate collection and the people listed are shown as buried in Carter Cemetery.


Date Birth

Date Death

Additional Info


Contact Person

Dye, James Wade

Aug 6 1917

Mar 6 1920

S/o James & Mary (Bilyeu) Dye

Death Certificate


Gideon, Can

Jan 29 1862

Jan 19 1913

D/o Green B. & Jane (Manningham) Gideon

Death Certificate

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Lewis, James Cannady


Jul 9 1927

Age 81 yrs, 7 mo, 4 days

H/o Rose

S/o Griffin & Nancy (Owensby) Lewis

Death Certificate


Lewis, Rosa

Mar 1853

Oct 14 1931

W/o James

Death Certificate


Stoner, Georgia

Jan 22 1899

Mar 6 1920

D/o William H. & Delia (McMahone) Stoner

Death Certificate


Wade, Clell


Feb 24 1920

D/o William & Dolly (Lewis)

Death Certificate


Wade, Dolly


Feb 19 1920

D/o Rosie Lewis

Death Certificate


Wade, Lester


Feb 26 1920

S/o William & Dolly (Lewis) Wade

Death Certificate


Wade, Lloyd

Jan 31 1920

Feb 25 1920

S/o William & Dolly (Lewis) Wade

Death Certificate


Wade, Millard

Feb 15 1879

Mar 27 1920

S/o John & Rachel (Magill) Wade

Death Certificate


Wade, William G.


Feb 18 1920

H/o Dolly (Lewis)

Death Certificate


Winslow, Jessie James

Apr 10 1928

Oct 19 1928

S/o Oscar & Ina (Dye) Winslow

Death Certificate


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