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Cemeteries & Tombstones of Christian County

Click on a letter in the alphabet listing to the right to browse  Christian County cemeteries courtesy of Mabel Phillips of the Christian County Library. The links will direct you to  lists of people buried in those cemeteries.


If you are going through the pages of a very large cemetery, and you're trying to get to a particular section of the alphabet, you can do this to get there more quickly:Once you are at the listing of a particular cemetery, change the display number at the bottom to 100.  Then click on page 10 (the last number in the row). Once you get to page 10, click "next" and the next ten sets of 100  will display across the bottom. Then click 20.   You then can gauge whether you need to start clicking on the numbers between to catch the letter you're trying to get to.  
The cemeteries are searchable.  When you are at a listing for a particular cemetery, click "Advanced Search."  The line that shows that you will be searching in that cemetery already appears there.  Click "Add."   Then choose the element "Name," but be sure that the "Condition" is "contains"  NOT "equals."   Then put the name you are searching for in the "Value" box. The "value" for the cemetery name is very specific and so it is best not to try to guess what another cemetery's "value" might be.  It's better to go to that cemetery's listing so that when you click on "Advanced Search," the cemetery's "value" is already filled in.

Although there are directions for locating the cemeteries on each page, click here to view a links to maps showing their locations. 

Contact Patti Hobbs with corrections or additions for individuals buried in any Christian County Cemetery.

For other cemetery information, check out Laura Flebbe's Christian County Cemetery page. Also interesting is the article from the Ozark Mountaineer "Lost Cemeteries" along Bull Creek in neighboring Taney County.

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