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Lost Cemeteries of Christian County

Lost Cemeteries of Christian County Missouri

The following cemeteries have been reported as existing in the past. They are currently “lost”.

Here is the list with any information reported:


Doran Cemetery            27N, 19W, 27 A (under 5 graves)

or Doran Cemetery 27N, 20W, 19 A (under 5 graves) Read by Yates. On page 46 of William Yates' Christian County, Missouri Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume VI, he says: “Doran Cemetery. Located east of Sparta, MO in Sec. 27, Twp 27N, Range 19 W. This cemetery is in a field, unfenced. Only one marker is found with the inscription, Doran.”


Pettyjohn Cemetery       27N, 21W, 30 A - One of Ozark's founding father's family cemetery - apparently lost.


Saunders Cemetery        25N, 20 W - single grave near a lookout tower named for the man buried there, mentioned in the Tales of Bull Creek.

Tate Cemetery               Was said to be a sizable cemetery as recently as the 1940's or 1950's - as   reported by older people who grew up in the area. It was near H Hwy and Red Bridge Road - no sign of it remains.

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