A. J. Doran

History of Alexander Judd Doran

As transcribed by Stacy Chadwick


I was Born April 18, 1873 in a log house 8 or 10 miles South and just about ½ East of Springfield Missouri.  I can recolect the old home before the Frisco RR come along between it and in the spring about 1880.  I was about 7 yrs old then.  my mother died in Feb.       1883 I was 9 years old.  mother died with typhoid pneumonia.  She was buried 2 ½ miles north east of the old house in the Doran Cemetery on my Great Grandfathers place.  P.S. Father was buried there Feb 13 – 1905.  I was raised to be grown on the old farm and in neighborhood [the bottom corners appear to have been nibbled or torn.]

We built a new house when I was 11 years old. My age
1891 I worked for Doug Chapman and others.  Jon A Gibson  mel davis  Henry Davis 18
1892 worked for John A Gibson and others 19
1893 worked for John M Keltner 20
1894 worked for Frank Keltner 21
1895 stayed at home and made a crop on Grandpa Dorans place and worked the rest of the time at home 22
1896 made a crop with a great uncle John Doran 4 mi n-w of Springfield mo. 23
1897 made a crop with Dee Doran on Jenkins farm 2 mi n of ho
1898 went to St. Louis mo then back to Springfield then to Kansas City mo then to Passons Kansas then to Vimta Indian Ter. Then back to Springfield 25
1899 went to K.C mo, St Joe mo then to Marysville Kan Wymore Nebraska back to St Joe mo. Back to Wymore neb Marysville and Randolph Kan then to Wichita Kan then to Sedgwick then back to Springfield 26
1900 went to Wichita Kan worked for sisters of Chanty one year 27
1901 went to Joplin mo then to walnut Kan worked with a Santafe Bridge and went home in fall and sowed crop of wheat on land that I had bough of the Grandfather Dorans estate 28
1902 went to htobast Oklahoma with Cousin Charley McCroskey where he went to homestead.  Went to Valley View Tex in fall to Uncle Will McCroskeys 29
then to Thayer Kan was married Dec 17 1903 30
1904 stayed at Thayer Kan 31
1905 at Thayer until fall went to Cassidy Mo 32
1906 was at Cassidy 34
went 1907 at Cassidy until sep 1st then moved to Walters Okla where I moved to a homestead 33  3 S 9 west of Walters.  Land no NE 17-312   I still own this land  1930 58
1943 The children all married and gone Lillian died March 6 1942 and was buried in IOOF Cemetery one mile west of walters. On the north side.  I am alone on the Farm this is may 13th 1943.
Sold the homestead June 1943 bought a place in Comanche 12 mi South of Lawhan sold it 1945 moved to two miles west one south of temple Okla moved to Walter Okla fall of 1948 and I am still here Sept 3 1962

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