Shollenberger, Charles, d. 1934 - Shortt, Arlie Olath, d. 1978


Shollenberger, Charles 8 Jan 1882 - 14 Nov 1934 CCR 15 Nov 1934 p1

[Note: Son of Nimrod B.  & Elizabeth W. (Shink) Shollenberger; married 29 Jun 1910 Ethel P. King 1887 - 15 Jan 1965 m/2 Ellis; no MO DC found]

Charlie Shollenberger stricken early Sunday morning and rushed to hospital for operation -- death made its claim at 5:30 o’clock Wednesday morning.

Charlie Shollenberger, without a doubt the most popular and most beloved citizen ever to live in Ozark, is dead. Leaving the Ozark Drug Store, which for years he owned and operated, and at which he was employed, he retired to his home late last Saturday night. As was his custom, he read the day’s papers and then prepared his bath. It was while he was bathing that he was seized with severe pains in the abdomen. He finished his bath and retired, but the pains became more severe and thinking it nothing more that an acute attack of indigestion, wearied through the night under his own treatment, administered by Mrs. Shollenberger. Day brought no relief and shortly before noon Dr. J.C. Young was called. The ailment failing to respond to the physician’s treatment, he became duly alarmed and immediately made preparations to take his patient to a Springfield hospital for more thorough examination and treatment. At Springfield, Dr. Young called in for consultation the brightest of medical minds, which were also bewildered with the case. A decision as reached early Monday morning. At a few minutes after noon Monday, Charlie went on the operating table, surrounded by a group of Springfield’s leading surgeon. An incision into the lower abdomen revealed a punctured bowel, caused by what has the appearance of being either a small chicken or fish bone. This foreign substance had created the disturbance and had so punctured the intestine that, in spite of all that medical science could do, peritonitis developed. Following the operation, Charlie made a remarkable rally and during the hours of Monday afternoon and night and Tuesday much hope was entertained that he would be victorious in his battle for life. Late Tuesday, however, he took a change for the worse and at 5:30 o’clock Wednesday, Death made its claim.


Shollenberger, Charles 8 Jan 1882 - 14 Nov 1934 CCR 15 Nov 1934 p1

Mr. Shollenberger was born in Carroll county, Iowa; lived in Nebraska for six years as a child, and moved with his parents to Mountain Grove in 1894. He attended high school there and studied pharmacy under J.D. Hull, the town druggist. He came to Ozark from Mountain Grove about 1908, and went to work in Dr. J.C. Young’s store. Later he bought a half interest in the store, but sold it to Francis Wernet, a nephew of Dr. Young, about four years ago. He remained as the registered pharmacist, however, and for years the Ozark drug store has been known to thousands chiefly as the place to find Charles Shollenberger. He was there day and night -- always busy; never too busy to do a favor. As a youth he was one of the leaders in the Bachelors’ Club that included the outstanding youths of the town. About three years after he came to Ozark, however, he married Miss Ethel King of Fayette, Mo. She and three children survive him -- Mary Elizabeth Shollenberger, a Drury graduate and member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, now teaching here; James Norval “Fritz” Shollenberger, who is employed in a Springfield drug store; and King Shollenberger, still in school. A brother, Ray Shollenberger of St. Louis, also survives; and another brother, Chan Shollenberger, has been lost track of. Mr. Shollenberger’s interests seemed to know no limit. He was twice worshipful master of the Ozark lodge A.F.&A.M. He had been both secretary and chairman of the democratic central committee of Christian county. He had been an officer in the old Commercial and Community clubs, both of which have now given way to the Good Will Club. For years he was secretary and treasurer of the Ozark Chautauquas, and promoted the Chautauqua plan. He was an active and leading member of the Presbyterian church. He was at the time of his death the president of the Ozark consolidated school Parent-Teacher Association -- was very proud of the school -- and only this month had been speaker at the state PTA convention at St. Joseph. Under his leadership, attendance at PTA meetings had grown from a mere handful to crowds that overflowed the school assembly hall. He took an interest and played a worker’s part in everything which affected his community. Funeral services were held today, Thursday, at 2:30 o’clock, at the Chaffin funeral home with the Rev. C.F. Green officiating. Mrs. A.C. Adams sang, accompanied by Mrs. Clay Jones. Burial was made in Weaver cemetery with Masons of the Friend lodge of Ozark in charge of the service at the grave.


Shollenberger, Charles 8 Jan 1882 - 14 Nov 1934 CCR 15 Nov 1934 p1

Our Beloved Townsman. Thrice have we felt the pangs of Death, as Father, Brother, and Mother entered into the shadows of the valley. Times without number have we heard the twang of the broken cord of friendship. We have viewed with understanding the meaning of Death and have come to the realization that only when such a loss becomes personal shall we suffer as only Death makes one suffer. And yet, as we silently gaze into a mysterious and unexplored realm for a comprehending thought, we find ourselves mystified in our desire to place our sadness in the loss of Charlie Shollenberger, as if the loss had been one of kindred love. And we seem to hear a voice from the hearts of men speak a similar thought. No man has ever lived in Ozark and we doubt much if any man ever lived anywhere except it be He who trod the sacred sands of Galilee, whose deeds of thoughtfulness, whose kindly acts and whose sacrificial desires have touched as many lives as have such traits in the life of Charlie Shollenberger. In every state of this land, and amidst those on foreign shores, if man’s mind were magic, could be found not one but often many, whose life as a passing tourist had been made happier, whose travels had been made sweeter, and whose journey had been made easier because of the personal contact with him, our beloved townsman. We envy no man his station of power, his accumulation of wealth or his life of undisturbed health, but with all the sincere selfishness of a selfish soul, we wish for an inheritance of friendship, likened unto that in which Charlie Shollenberger had his being and moulded his life. Shall I not love the memory of this man? Shall I not admire his memory as a sacred heritage? Shall I not praise his living acts with the utmost of my power? The sadness of the hour comes up on us with such a surge as no words can describe. In one short hour joy has no pulse. Our grief belongs always to someone in chief, but this belongs to all. Men walk as if the corpse lay in their own home. “The town has on a shroud of gray. With which to greet the dawn of day. “Chilly” is dead! The sadness of my heart fails to constrain the madness of my soul. Death -- monster that thou art! Well do I remember that bleak November evening when I walked into the Ozark Drug store, just eight years ago. I loved him then in the promise of glowing friendship. I have loved him in the flush of achievement and accomplishment and I love him now as he lies yonder beneath a like November sky, asleep, with face as tranquil and smile as sweet as mortal ever wore. How weak man seems when he walks into the realm predominated by Death and how frail his power to command words to form or paint a fitting eulogy to a real friend. Both these weaknesses we admit, yet our very being seems to burst with the desire to form some phrase or paint some thought which will not only sooth the saddened hearts of men but which might pierce the monster of Death and reach the ear of him of whom we speak. If we could pluck our words as the glittering diamonds from Heaven’s dome, yet would they fail to speak the desire of our broken hearts. If they glistened with the brilliancy of an Infinite halo, yet they would not suffice to sooth the anguish of our disturbed soul. “Chilly” is NOT dead! “I shall not believe that even now his light is extinguished. If the Father deigns to touch with divine power the cold and pulseless heart of the acorn, and make it burst from its prison walls; if He stoops to give to the rosebush, whose withered blossoms float upon the breeze, the sweet assurance of another springtime, will He withhold the words of hope from the sons of men when the frosts of winter come?” “Chilly” cannot, he must not, be dead! I thank God, as I shall stand above my buried friend, that there shall not be one ignoble memory in all the shining pathway of our friendship. In all the glorious hours we have been together, not one was ever bent to a willing service in an unworthy cause. He lived to make his home happy and the world around him better. With all his splendid might he helped to build a happier, a heartier, and a more wholesome sentiment among his fellowmen. O brilliant and incomparable “Chilly.” We lay for a season thy precious dust beneath the soil that born and cherished thee, but we fling back against all our brightening skies the thoughtless speech that calls thee dead. --J.M.P.


Shollenberger, Charles 8 Jan 1882 - 14 Nov 1934 CCR 15 Nov 1934 p1

Whereas Chas. Shollenberger, most able President of this Appreciation, has been called to his higher duties by the All Wise Father. Therefore, Be it Resolved by this, the Ozark Parent Teachers Association, that we publicly express our great appreciation of Mr. Shollenberger and of the wonderful work that he had performed for this organization. Furthermore, Be it Resolved that we extend to his splendid family our profound sympathy in this, their darkest hour of bereavement. Be it Further Resolved That this resolution be spread on the minutes of this Association and that a copy be sent to the Shollenberger family. Ozark Parent Teachers Association, Nov. 15, 1934.


Shollenberger, Charles 8 Jan 1882 - 14 Nov 1934 CCR 15 Nov 1934

The Basketball game between the Forsyth Tigers and the Ozark Chieftains has been postponed on account of the death of Mr. Chas. Shollenberger.


Shollenberger, Charles 8 Jan 1882 - 14 Nov 1934 CCR 22 Nov 1934 p2

A short communion memorial service was held at the Christian Church Sunday morning in honor of the memory of our late highly esteemed townsman, Chas. Shollenberger.


Shollenberger, Charles 8 Jan 1882 - 14 Nov 1934 CCR 29 Nov. p1

During the memorial service for Chas. Shollenberger held by the Springfield last Friday the following tribute was read by Mrs. Roy Bennett, district president: “On this, our first meeting of the P.T.A. Springfield district conference of the Missouri Congress of Parent-Teachers, we pause to commemorate our beloved District Publicity Chairman who has been called by his Creator. At the door of our Springfield District Publicity Chairman, Mr. Chas. Shollenberger, death came knocking just a few short days ago. He found him cheerful, serene and courageous. With the strength of character that has always been a marked trait of our friend, he passed away from his family, confident that the parting was only a temporary one. Those of us who knew and worked with Mr. Shollenberger found that his devotion to Parent-Teacher work prompted him to give hours without end of hard, exacting service. In no way did he spare himself. During the time in which he was the District Publicity Chairman, he worked out many plans and gave suggestions which were helpful and of lasing value to both the state and national publicity chairmen, thereby receiving national recognition many times. His work as District Publicity Chairman was unexcelled. The District Publicity Book on exhibit at the state convention was undoubtedly the best ever. As a Parent-Teacher member, a president of his home town P.T.A. at Ozark, as well as in the work of District Publicity Chairman, he had the vision of this as a great movement and he kept his perspective of values from hampering his service. For one year he has responded to every call in the seven counties of the district at whatever inconvenience to himself. No service was too great and none too small for him. The last hours of his life were a thought of service, lest his illness would hamper the publicity of the District Conference. As a devoted father in his family, he gave love, self sacrifice and a fine example of righteous living. Around himself he reflected an influence of wholesome family life in which companionship and understanding richly colored the lives of its members. A husband and a father whose cheer and faith in the value of a happy home, brought him two fine sons and a lovely daughter. His devoted companion never leaving his side, facing a future made more secure and more abundant because of that devotion. As a friend, amiable, happy and affectionate, he valued his friends more deeply and he is perpetually enshrined in their hearts. We loved him as a friend, we respected him as a member, we revere him as one whose example is worthy of all emulation. To his family and his friends we extend our sympathy. Happily we went three short weeks ago to the state convention held in St. Joseph, Mo. His lovely daughter, who with another teacher of the Ozark school accompanied him. He assisted our state publicity chairman in a conference which was well attended, those who attended marveled that a busy man could come so far and give his service and his time, voicing the sentiment, “that we had more men like him.” Mr. Shollenberger had made many plans for the success of the District conference. We feel that he is here in spirit, serene and wiser than we. He is still our trusted publicity chairman, our devoted friend -- we carry with us the memory of all his fine attributes and into the minutes of this conference shall be kept a record of his fine deeds. Today, our P.T.A. District Conference pays its loving tribute to our late District Publicity Chairman. It has been well said that we weep for the loved and lost because we know that our tears are in vain. We would ease the sorrow of the family and yet we know now how. We can only acknowledge that the affliction is God’s will. Over in the beautiful land we may not doubt your dear one is free from the pains he endured here; and when we gather at the rive is it not a sweet thought and consolation to know that he will meet you on the other side. So with sad hearts, we say adieu, Chas. Shollenberger, we commend you to God.”


Shollenberger, Charles 8 Jan 1882 - 14 Nov 1934 CCR 29 Nov. p1

Mrs. Otto Bruggeman, the state publicity chairman, also contributed a eulogy in the form of a letter read to the conference by the secretary. It is as follows: Therefore when we build, let us think that we build forever. Let it not be for present use alone, let it be such work as our descendents will thank us for, and let us think, as we lay stone on stone, that a time is to come when those stones will be held sacred because our hands have touched them and that men will say as they look upon the labor and the wrought substance of them. See, this our fathers did for us.’” --John Ruskin. Charles Shollenberger was such a builder Christian county’s “first citizen” was laid to rest on Nov. 15, at his home in Ozark. His earthly career is finished, but his good works will live in the hearts of his friends. His home town papers paid him this tribute: “He was the center of the social life of the community and took an ever growing part in religious activities as well, H was known not only in Ozark but throughout Christian County, in Springfield, and far beyond for his extraordinary obligingness and industry, and gave to his county 25 years of cheerful, unfailing community service. In Parent-Teacher work, also; Mr. Shollenberger was faithful. The P.T.A. at Ozark has grown from a small group to crowds that overflow the school assembly hall. He also served as the Springfield district publicity chairman and took part in the publicity conference at the State Convention at St. Joseph Oct. 31. It is good to have lived as Mr. Schollenberger lived, never thinking of self, but always of others. Such lives are an incentive for us to learn that we live to serve. Mrs. Otto Brueggeman, State Publicity Chairman.


Shollenberger, Charles King 10 Jan 1921 - 29 Jan 2012 SN-L 3 Feb 2012 through SN-L 10 Feb 2012

[Note: Son of Charles & Ethel P. (King) Shollenberger; married 1941 Martha Lou Ellington]

            Charles "King" Shollenberger, age 91, of Springfield died on January 29, 2012 in Mercy Villa after a short illness. King was born January 10, 1921, in Ozark, MO to Charles and Ethel (King) Shollenberger. He was preceded in death by his parents; a brother, James Norvell (Fritz) Shollenberger; and a sister, Mary Elizabeth Shubert. Along with countless former students, friends, neighbors, and extended family who will miss him, King is survived by his beloved wife of 70 years, Martha Lou (Ellington); their four children, Jim Shollenberger (Cheryl) of Union, Peggy Hennig (Edgar) of Mississippi, Chuck Shollenberger of Kansas and Lyn Young (Richard Thompson) of Springfield; three grandsons, Scott Morrison (Darla) Springfield, Mike Shollenberger (Carrie) Florida and Jeff Shollenberger, Union; five great granddaughters, Amanda and Alexis Morrison, Kyra Shollenberger, Lainie and Marisa Shollenberger; and several nieces and nephews. King graduated from Ozark High School and Missouri State Teachers College (now Missouri State University) with a degree in music education. He worked on his master's degree at the University of Southern California and received it at MSTC. King proudly served in the Army Air Corp during WWII. King loved music, was an accomplished violinist, and played in the Springfield Civic Symphony Orchestra. He directed the Ozark Choral Club. He shared his musical and teaching talents in public schools and churches in Walnut Grove, Mt. Vernon, Ava, Lebanon, and Jefferson City, MO where he retired in July 1979 and moved to Springfield. He earned awards for his work in music and received the Jess Cole Jazz Award in 2006 from the Missouri Jazz Educators Association at their annual convention. His passion for music made a difference in the lives of many students over several generations. His genetic gift of musical talent will be carried on through his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future generations. In retirement King continued his love of music through his piano tuning and refurbishing business. He played euphonium in the Missouri State University and the Republic community bands until his late 80's. King spent many hours volunteering for the American Red Cross and Community blood centers and Meals On Wheels. He received the American Red Cross Senior Volunteer of the Year Award in 1992. He encouraged many through his volunteer efforts. King was a proud 100+ gallon blood donor. He played golf every day possible and on March 24, 1995 at Hole 7 at Bill and Payne Stewart Golf Course he made a Hole-in-One. He loved his workshop and crafted many beautiful wooden creations and stained glass pieces including the windows in the front of Central Christian Church sanctuary. He had dual membership at Central Christian Church (where he was a Deacon Emeritus) and High Prairie Christian Church in Fair Grove. King's heart overflowed with love and generosity. Everyone he met became his newest best friend. He loved all children, (even strangers), especially his great granddaughters. A celebration of King's life will be held at 2 pm, Saturday, February 11, 2012 at Central Christian Church, Springfield, MO, with nephew, Rev. Dr. John Scott Ellington presiding. Arrangements made by Gorman Scharpf Funeral Home, Springfield, MO. In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes donations to The Arthritis Foundation , 9433 Olive Boulevard, Ste 100, St. Louis, MO 63132, the Missouri State University Foundation-Band Fund, 300 S. Jefferson Ste 100, Springfield, MO 65806, or the charity of choice 

Shollenberger, Elizabeth W. (Shink) 1857 - 8 Dec 1922 CCR 15 Dec 1922 p1

[Note: Daughter of Daniel & Emilia W. (Wilson) Shink; married Nimrod B. Shollenberger 4 Jan 1851 - 17 Mar 1923]

Mrs. Elizabeth W. Shollenberger, aged 65 years, mother of Chad. Shollenberger of the Ozark Drug Company, died at the home in Mountain Grove, Mo., Friday morning, December 8, 1922, after a lingering illness of more than one year, but the immediate cause of her death was pneumonia. Funeral services were held at the residence Sunday afternoon, December 10th, conducted by Rev. Boehm, former pastor of the Ozark Methodist church and Rev. Peterson of the Brethern church of which she had been a member of 35 years. Deceased leaves the husband, N. B. Shollenberger, and three sons, Chas. Of Ozark, Ray of St. Louis and C. W. of Mountain Grove and one brother, J. W. Shink of Dennison, Iowa, all of whom were present at the funeral. Dr. and Mrs. Young, A. C. Adams, Chas. L. Walker, R. Neil Gray, all of Ozark attended the funeral.


Shollenberger, Nimrod B. 4 Jan 1851 - 17 Mar 1923 CCR 23 Mar 1923 p1

[Note: Son of Benjamin & Susana (Miller) Shollenberger; married Elizabeth W. Shink 1857 - 8 Dec 1922]

Last week we noted where Mr. Chas. Shollenberger had been called to Mt. Grove on account of the illness of his father. Charles returned home Friday, only to be called back Friday, only to be called back Friday night on account of a turn for the worse, Mr. Shollenberger dying Saturday morning March 17th, 1923. Funeral services were conducted at the residence in Mountain Grove Sunday afternoon. Mr. Shollenberger had for many years been a prominent citizen of Mountain Grove and had been city collector for a number of years. He is survived by three sons, Charles of Ozark, Ray of St. Louis, and C. W. of Mountain Grove. It will be remembered by Ozark friends of the family that the wife and mother passed away only last December. The deceased was 72 years of age at the time of his death and was a genial, pleasant gentleman to meet, as we all know who had met him while visiting his son in Ozark.


Shores, Don 2 Oct 1926 - Mar 1979 OH 5 Apr 1979 p3

[Note: married Roseanne]

Services for Don Shores, 52, Route 3, Rogersville, were held Saturday in the Marsh Chapel. Burial was in the Retherford Cemetery near Norwood. Mr. Shores died at 1:45 a.m. Thursday in his home apparently of a heart attack. He was a farmer and a member of the First Baptist Church, Rogersville. Survivors include his wife, Roseanne; four sons, Rex, Mountain Grove, Larry, Norwood, Michael, Branson and Ronald with the U. S. Marines in South Caroline; three daughters, Donna and Deanne, both of the home and Margaret, Springfield; one brother, Carl, Sacramento, Calif.; three sisters, Mrs. Faye White, Millington, Tenn., Mrs. Opal Baker, Springfield and Mrs. Audrey Pack, Norwood.


Short, Allen Curtiss 25 Oct 1948 - 26 Oct 1948 CCR 28 Oct 1948

[Note: Son of Eldon Cornell & Faye (Johns) Short]

Funeral services for Allen Curtiss, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Short of Sparta, were held at the graveside in Sparta cemetery Wednesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Webb. Burial was under direction of Chaffin Funeral Home. Besides the parents, he is survived by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Short and Mrs. Lou Johns.


Short, Bertha E. (Earnhart) 18 Nov 1892 - 7 Mar 1973 OH 11 Mar 1973 p9

[Note: Daughter of  John Robert & Mary Viola (Riley) Earnhart; married 3 Jul 1913  John Samuel Short 23 Apr 1892 - 14 May 1964. Submitter correction: Mary Gardner should be Mary Garrison.]

Funeral services for Mrs. Bertha Short, 80, a resident of Sparta since 1934, were held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Harris Chapel at Ozark with the Rev. L. E. Reynolds officiating. Burial was in Sparta Cemetery. She is survived by three sons, Dale, of Rogersville and Neal and Eldon, both of Sparta; three daughters, Mrs. Phyllis Simpson of Sparta, Mrs. Mary Gardner of Springfield and Mrs. Sharon Rathbun of Abilene, Tex.; two brothers, Clyde Earnhart of Republic and Floyd Earnhart of Springfield; one sister, Mrs. Merle White, of Spokane, 16 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.


Short, Bertie Ann (Johnson) 25 Feb 1919 - 18 Dec 1993 OH 22 Dec 1993

[Note: Daughter of John & Myrtle (  ) Johnson; married 6 Jun 1935 Millard Short]

Bertie Ann Short, 74, Springfield, died Saturday, Dec. 18, 1993 in Springfield Health Care Center following a long illness. She was born Feb. 25, 1919 in Douglas County, the daughter of John and Myrtle Johnson. She was united in marriage to Millard Short on June 6, 1935 in Ava. She was a member of the Union Hill Baptist Church. A homemaker, she enjoyed gardening, sewing, and especially her family. She was a member of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary #69. She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, Millard; one sister, Ercie Daves; two brothers, Elbert “Buck” and Jess Johnson. She is survived by one son, Dearl Short, Springfield; four daughters Ellarea Willis and her husband, Raymond, Cedar Creek, Connie Keller and her husband, Robert, Springfield, Janice Weter and Harrison, Ozark, Audra Gentry, Springfield; one sister, Minta Johnson, Sparta; three brothers, Tom Johnson and his wife Lillian, Springfield, Dearl Johnson, and his wife, Mary Lee, Sparta, Jim Johnson, Ozark; seven grandchildren, Anthony, Gary, Melanie, Debbie, Robin, Mike, and Ann; seven great-grandchildren, Cory, Kyle, Jeffrey, Kelly, Jeremy, Josh, and Joey. Services were held Tuesday, Dec. 21, in Harris, a Heritage Funeral Home, Ozark, with the Rev. James “Hobo” Applegate and the Rev. Carnel “Bally” Johnson officiating. Burial was in the Hall Cemetery, Douglas County.


Short, Eldon Cornell 12 Oct 1919 - 26 Dec 1981 OH 31 Dec 1981 p10

[Note: Son of  John Samuel & Bertha E. (Earnhart) Short; married  1942 Faye Johns  11 Mar 1920 - 19 Sep 2000]

Eldon Short, 62, Rt. 1, Sparta, died Dec. 26 in his home after apparently suffering a heart attack. Mr. Short, formerly of Clever, was a farmer and a Sparta area resident most of his life. He was a member of Eastern Gate Baptist Church, Ozark and Sparta Masonic Lodge No. 296. Survivors include his wife, Faye; two brothers, Dale, Rogersville and Neal, Sparta; and three sisters, Mrs. Phyllis Simpson, Sparta, Mary Garrison, Springfield and Mrs. Sharon Rathbun, Abilene, Texas. Services were held Dec. 29 in Harris Chapel in Ozark with the Rev. Bill Mabury officiating. Burial was in Sparta Cemetery.


Short, Etta (Davis) 14 Feb 1893 - 11 Jan 1972 OH 13 Jan 1972 p8

[Note: Daughter of James P & Rebecca (Pearce) Davis; married Grant Short]

Mrs. Etta Short, 78, of Route 12, died at 7 a.m. Tuesday in Cox Medical Center after a short illness. Mrs. Short, a retired school teacher, had taught in Stone, Christian and Greene Counties. She was a native of Christian County and had lived in Springfield for 49 years. She was a member of South Street Christian Church. Surviving are her husband, Grant; a daughter, Mrs. Delphia Jean Parker, Overland Park, Kan.; a brother, Lloyd Davis; five sisters, Mrs. Maude Howard, Brookline, Mrs. Ollie Maples, Nixa, Mrs. Myrtle Davis and Mrs. Anna Moyer, both of Salt Lake City, Utah and Mrs. Opal Davis, 1951 Collinson; and two grandchildren. The family said contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society. Arrangements are incomplete under direction of Ayre-Goodwin.


Short, Eula K. 3 Sep 1901 - 10 Aug 1975 OH 14 Aug 1975 p6

[Note: married I. Efton Short 1887 - 8 Feb 1947]

OZARK - Mrs. Eula K. Short, 73, Ozark, died at 12:55 a.m. Sunday in St. Francis Hospital, Wichita, Kan. after an illness of several months. Mrs. Short was a native of the Crane community and had lived in Ozark since 1947. She was a member of First Christian Church, Ozark, and 50-year member of the Order of the Eastern Star, Galena. Survivors include one daughter, Mrs. Mary K. Hunt, Conway Springs, Kan.; two grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. Wilma Lipa, Dearborn, Mich. Memorial contributions may be made to First Christian Church, Ozark in care of Mrs. Dorothy Manley, treasurer. Services were at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday in First Christian Church, Ozark with the Rev. Conrad Kitchell officiating. Burial was in Galena Cemetery under the direction of Harris of Ozark. Eastern Star Rites will be by the Galena Order of the Easter Star, chapter No. 17.


Short, Eula K. 3 Sep 1901 - 10 Aug 1975 OH 4 Sep 1975 p11

Friends, we thank you for your many acts of kindness in our time of  sorrow.

The Eula Short Family.


Short, Faye (Johns) 11 Mar 1920 - 19 Sep 2000  CCH-N 27 Sep 2000

[Note: Daughter of Charley & Lou (McGinnis) Johns; married 1942 Eldon Cornell Short 12 Oct 1919 - 26 Dec 1981]

Faye Short, age 80, of Ozark, passed away Tuesday, September 19, 2000 in her home. She was born March 11, 1920 near Sparta, the daughter of Charley and Lou McGinnis Johns. In 1942, she and Eldon Short were married. He preceded her in death, as well as an infant son, Allen Curtis Short, a brother, Clell Johns, a nephew, Bob Johnson, a brother-in-law, Zack St. John, and her parents. Mrs. Short was a member of First Baptist Church, Ozark. Survivors include: A sister, Lorene St. John, Sparta; a sister-in-law, Lourea Johns, Ozark; three nieces, Erva Lou Johnson, Sparta, Ellen Kay Henry, and Lou Ann Stark, both of Springfield; other relatives and friends. The family would like to extend a special thank you to Anghel’s Home Health Agency for the wonderful care they gave to Faye. A graveside funeral was held Friday, September 22, 2000, in Sparta Cemetery with Charles Eakins officiating. Arrangements were under direction of Adams Funeral Home, Ozark. Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of Southwest Missouri, in care of Adams Funeral Home, 504 W Walnut, Ozark, 65721.


Short, Ferna M. (Stumpff) 20 Sep 1902 - 10 Jul 1991  NN-E 18 Jul 1991

[Note: Daughter of Edgar & Minnie (Stahl) Stumpff; married Troy Stumpff 22 Oct 1902 – 9 Nov 1991]

Ferna M. Short, 88, Ozark, died at 5:13 p.m. Wednesday, July 10, 1991, in Ozark Nursing and Care Center. She was born Sept. 20, 1902, in Flat Creek community near Cato, Mo., and was the daughter of Edgar and Minnie Stahl Stumpff. She had been a resident of Ozark for the past 32 years. She was a member of the Southside Church of Christ, Ozark. She was preceded in death by her parents; and four brothers, Walter, Olen, Ernest and Edgar Stumpff. Survivors include her husband, Troy; a son and daughter-in-law, Jack and Ann Short, Ozark; four grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. Thefuneral was Saturday in Adams Funeral Home, Ozark, with Charles White officiating. Burial was in Clio Cemetery, Barry County.


Short, Herschel 1893 - 24 Mar 1942 CCR 2 Apr 1942 p1

[Note: Son of Samuel & Sarah Elizabeth (Manley) Short; married 1922 Rosa Martin]

Funeral services for Herschel Short, 48, native of Christian county who died March 24 at his home in Detroit, Mich., were held March 27 at Detroit. Mr. Short was a son of Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Short of the Republic community, pioneer Christian Countains. A World War veteran with 11 months service overseas to his record, he was married to Rosa Martin in 1922. Survivors include the widow, two sons, Vernon, 17, and Melvin, 5; his parents, five brothers, Clella of Clever, John Short of Sparta, Christian county assessor, Fred of Wasco, Calif., Ray of Berkeley, Mich., Uel of Kansas City; and four sisters, Mrs. Bessie Young of Nixa, Mrs. Velma King of Republic, Mrs. Ruby Dicks of Kansas City, and Miss Effa Short of the home. Funeral services were conducted by the pastor of the First Methodist church at Detroit with burial in Roselawn cemetery there.


Short, I. Eften 1887 - 8 Feb 1947  CCR 13 Feb 1947 p1

[Note: Son of George W. & ? (?) Short; married Eula K. 3 Sep 1901 - 10 Aug 1975]

Funeral services for I.E. (Eften) Short, 59, native of Stone county who died Saturday while enroute by train from St. Louis to his home at Conway Springs, Kan., were held at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon in the Christian church at Galena, Mo. Burial was in the cemetery there. Mr. Short was the son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Short, pioneer Stone county settlers. He was a lifelong employee of the Missouri Pacific railroad, and was yardmaster at Conway Springs at the time of his death. He was returning home after a stay in the Missouri Pacific hospital at St. Louis. He was a veteran of the first World War, in which he served with the 12th Engineer Railway regiment. He was a cousin of Congressman Dewey Short. Survivors include his wife, Eula; a daughter, Miss Mary K. Short, a nurse in Kansas City; a brother, E.G. Short of Omaha, Neb., and two sisters, Mrs. C.C. Wright of Bradford, Ill., and Miss Hattie Short of Galena.


Short, Jackson Grant “Uncle Jack” 25 Feb 1864 - 11 Nov 1947 CCR 20 Nov 1947 p1

[Note: Son of John & Elizabeth (Coleman) Short]

With hundreds of old friends and relatives crowding into and around the Community church at Galena, last Thursday, J.G. (Uncle Jack) Short, father of Congressman Dewey Short, was paid high tribute as funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Joe Dethridge and the Rev. Chas. E. Beech. Masons from all over the county in the section also paid last respects and from several other communities to one of their members who had been active in the organization for over half a century. Fred Wad, of Ozark, spoke at the graveside during Masonic burial rites. The church where last rites were conducted for Mr. Short was banked with flowers sent by old friends from all over the country. In his funeral oration, Mr. Dethridge said, “Uncle Jack was no ordinary man. He was a great man among his fellow men. A common man. Not common in the ordinary sense of the meaning, but common as an old shoe, as Lincoln said. Common in the sense of kindliness and public service to the poor and to his friends and neighbors. He was a king without the royal purple.” Rev. Dethridge continued. “His life expressed itself most at his fireside, where all true men live greatest. He loved the things of life that were eternal and imperishable. If everyone in this beautiful Ozark country of mystery and beauty who knew him would bring one blossom to his grave, he would sleep beneath a wilderness of flowers. He was born in 1864 when Abraham Lincoln was president and Grant was leading his armies over the hills and valleys of this new nation. And in him was instilled that patriotism and ruggedness that made the American frontier.”--Crane Chronicle.


Short, Jack 20 Dec 1898 - 7 Jan 1934 CCR 11 Jan 1934 p1 & CCR 18 Jan 1934 p1

[Note: Son of Jess V. & Ella (Hammold) Short]

Jack Short died Sunday. Deaf-mute shoemaker succumbs to malady contracted while working in the mines of Oklahoma. Body taken to Joplin for burial, was popular and well-liked here. Jack Short, aged 35 years, and 17 days, deaf-mute shoemaker, who had operated a shoe repair shop on the north side of the Square for the past few years, died at his home in the southeast part of Ozark Sunday morning, from an illness of several weeks. The malady, which developed in such acute form the past few months, was contracted while a miner in the fields of Oklahoma. The deceased is survived by a widow and two small sons, Jack and Tom, and many other immediate relatives in Joplin and elsewhere. Jack with his family came to Ozark some three years ago and although deaf and mute, he was a jolly good fellow and won the highest of respect and esteem from his fellow citizens. He was a shoe repair expert of no mean ability and attended attentively to his business. Although he was unable to take part in public meetings of a civic nature, Jack was always ready and willing to do his part. For the past two months the malady had been bringing him down and early last week he was forced to his bed. He gradually became worse and passed away early Sunday morning. The remains were taken to Joplin for burial.


Short, Jack 20 Dec 1898 - 7 Jan 1934 CCR 11 Jan 1934 p1 & CCR 18 Jan 1934 p1

We most sincerely thank all for their many kindnesses, their words of sympathy and their floral offerings extended and given during the illness and death of our beloved husband and father. Mrs. Jack Short and sons.


Short, Jack Douglas 15 Jun 1931 - 16 Jun 2002  CCH-N 26 Jun 2002

[Note: Son of Troy & Ferna (Stumpff) Short; married 1957 Mary Lo Cox]

Jack Douglas Short, 71, Ozark, passed away June 16, 2002, in his home. He was born June 15,1931, in Cato, the son of Troy and Ferna (Stumpff) Short. He served his country in the U.S. Navy. In 1957, he and Mary Lo Cox were married. Short owned and operated Snow White Drive Inn in Republic from 1966-1982, and was also a truck driver. Survivors include his wife, Mary; four children and their spouses, Jacqueline Ann and Paul Finney, Ozark, Rock Douglas and Juliette Short, Republic, Jay Douglas and Stacy Short, Ozark, and Doug and Karen Short, Republic; and 12 grandchildren. A graveside funeral was held June 18, in Selmore Cemetery, Ozark. Arrangements were under the direction of Adams Funeral Home.


Short, Joanna Marie (Smith) 12 Sep 1961 - 11 Feb 2004   SN-L 13 Feb 2004

[Note: Daughter of Leon & Kay (Marchant) Smith; married Eric Short]

Joanna Marie Short, 42, passed away in a car accident, Feb. 11, 2004. She went to be with Jesus. She was born Sept. 12, 1961, in Harrison, Ark. to Leon and Kay Smith. Joanna was the loving wife of Eric and loving mother to Cody, Cheyenne and Jevin. Joanna lived most of her life in the Republic and Billings area, and was very active in her children's activities. Joanna was a 1979 graduate of Republic High School and employed by Alpine Woods Products, Marionville. Joanna was preceded in death by her father, Leon Smith, and grandparents Joe Marchant and James and Ethel Smith. Joanna is survived by her husband of 11 years, Eric; children Cody, Cheyenne and Jevin; parents Jack and Kay Carr; brothers Johnny Smith, Ricky Smith and Steven Carr; grandparents Walsie and Leonard Roberts; Eric's parents, Sam and Doris Short and Jerry and Vada Wilkinson; and several aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 14, 2004, with Rev. Bert Miller officiating in Meadors Funeral Home, Republic. Burial will follow in Evergreen Cemetery, Republic. Visitation will be 6 to 8 p.m. today in the funeral home. Contributions may be made to Billings School.


Short, John McDaniel 4 Oct 1865 - Dec 1942 CCR 31 Dec 1942 p1

[Note: married 10 Mar 1899 Susan Stedman]

John McDaniel Short was born at Pond, VA, Oct. 4, 1865 and departed this life at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Lewis Wimmer, four miles southeast of Clever, after lingering illness. He was married to Susan Stedman, of Virginia, March 10, 1899, and to this union were born six children, the companion and three children having preceded him in death. After the death of his wife he cared for his family and kept them all together until grown. Mr. Short moved with his family to Oldfield, MO, in 1911 and lived the rest of his life in Missouri. He united with the Latter Day Saints church about 20 years ago and was a member of the I.O.O.F. lodge. Those who survive him are three children, Mrs. Lewis Wimmer of Clever, Mrs. T. W. Major of Dennison, TX, and Oren Short of Mansfield, MO, one brother, other relatives and a host of friends. He was a friend to all and a kind and loving father. Funeral services were held at 1 pm Saturday at the Maples Funeral Home in Clever conducted by Rev. Holland of Clever. Burial was made in the Mansfield cemetery at Mansfield, MO.


Short, John Samuel 23 Apr 1892 - 14 May 1964 CCR 21 May 1964 p6

[Note: Son of  Samuel Calvin & Sara Elizabeth (Manley) Short; married  Bertha E. Earnhart 18 Nov 1892 - 7 Mar 1973]

John Short, 72, Route 1, Sparta, died about 3:30 p.m. Thursday at his farm home, northwest of here. He had suffered from a heart condition for some time. Mr. Short was Christian County Assessor from 1936 until 1944. He was a member of the Methodist Church and the Sparta Masonic Lodge. He is survived by his wife, Bertha; three sons, Dale, Route 1, Rogersville, and Neal and Eldon, both of Sparta, three daughters, Mrs. Phyllis Simpson, Sparta, Mrs. Mary Garrison, 8128 College, Springfield and Mrs. Sharon Rathbun, Abilene, Texas and 15 grandchildren. Also surviving are three brothers, Clella, Republic, Fred, Wasco, Calif. and Ray, Detroit; and four sisters, Mrs. Bessie Young, Nixa, Miss Ellie Short and Mrs. Velma King, both of Republic and Mrs. Ruby Dicks, 901 Iberdeen Drive, Springfield. Funeral services were at 1:30 p.m. Sunday in the Harris Chapel at Ozark. The Rev. Roscoe Harding officiated and burial was in Sparta Cemetery.


Short, Johnnie Ernestine (Williams) 1 Dec 1898 - 30 Mar 1937 CCR 8 Apr 1937 p2

[Note: Daughter of John & Callie (Parsons) Williams; married 25 Oct 1921 John William Short, Jr. 5 Mar 1885 - Apr 1963]

Funeral services for Mrs. Ernestine Short, wife of J.W. Short, west of Galena, who died Tuesday, March 30, following a major operation, were held Tuesday, April 1, at the Galena Christian church, under the direction of the Wilburn Maples Funeral Home of Clever.


Short, Joseph Vail “Bud” 14 Apr 1918 - 5 Mar 1977 OH 10 Mar 1977 p7

CLEVER - A former Boaz and Clever resident, Joseph Vail “Bud” Short, 58, of Ontario, Calif., died Saturday in his home there after suffering an apparent heart attack. Mr. Short was a veteran of World War II. Surviving are two sons, Terry Joe of the state of Wyoming and Vail Dena with the U. S. Army, stationed in South Carolina, stationed in South Carolina; two brothers, Harold F., Fontana, Calif. and Leo J. of Pomona, Calif.; a sister, Mrs. Lorene Boatright, Republic and two grandchildren. Services for Mr. Short were at 10 a.m. Wednesday in Richardson-Peterson Chapel in Ontario. The body was then returned to Republic for second services and burial here under direction of Meadors. Local arrangements are incomplete.


Short, Kathleen “Mawzie” (Stone) 30 Sep 1914 - 6 Jul 2010 need to find paper & date

[Note: Daughter of John Q. “Cue” & Iva Ann (Bray) Stone; married 4 Jul 1938 William Dale Short 8 Apr 1914 - 17 Dec 1991]

Kathleen (Mawzie) Short, 95, Rogersville, passed away on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 in the home of her daughter, DeLayne and Jamie Humble. She was born September 30, 1914 in Linden, Missouri, the daughter of the late John Cue and Iva Ann (Bray) Stone. She was united in marriage on July 4, 1938 to Dale Short. After 53 years of marriage, he preceded her in death in 1991. She was also preceded in death by a brother-in-law, Stanley Tillman. She is survived by two daughters, DeLayne and Jamie Humble, Rogersville; Debby Short-Carden, Nixa; two sons, John Dale and Linda Short, Rogersville; Samuel C. Short, West Plains; a sister, Emogene Tillman, Springfield; ten grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren and many other relatives and friends. Kathleen was a member of Elm Grove Methodist Church. She was a hard working farm wife who loved her family dearly. We will miss her and her stories greatly. We would also like to say a special thank you to the HPC Hospice Group for the great care they provided. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m., Friday, July 9, 2010 in J.D. Lee and Sons Funeral Home, Rogersville. Burial will follow in Linden Cemetery. Visitation will be held from 6 to 8 p.m., Thursday, July 8, 2010 in the funeral home. Memorial donations may be made to HPC Hospice Group, 1538 S, Enterprise, Springfield, 65804. Online condolences and guest book signing may also be made at


Short, Lora Almeda (Holder) Cobb 7 Jan 1909 - 22 Jan 2007 SN-L 26 Jan 2007

[Note: Daughter of Thomas & Jesse (Chapman) Holder; married ? Cobb; married Ora Short]

Lora Almeda Short, Crane, Missouri, daughter of Thomas and Jesse (Chapman) Holder, was born January 7, 1909, in Stone County, Missouri, and departed this life January 22, 2007, in Ozark Mountain Regional Healthcare at the age of 98 years and 15 days. Lora was a lifelong resident of the area. Before retiring, she had served as the Stone County Treasurer for 24 years. Lora was a member of the Craig Hollow Church. Lora was preceded in death by her parents; husband Ora Short; one brother; four sisters; and two grandchildren. Survivors include one son, Gary Cobb, of Richmond, Virginia; two daughters, Meta Shriner, of Purdy, and Linda Gideon, of Republic; one sister, Bertha Sheehan, of Lakewood, California; 10 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; and a host of other relatives and friends. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, January 27, 2007, in Crane Fundamental Methodist Church with Rev. Stanley Clark and Rev. Frank Bostic officiating. Burial will be in Galena Cemetery under the direction of Manlove-Stumpff Funeral Home, Crane. Visitation is 7 to 8 p.m. today (Friday) in the funeral home.


Short, Oda (  ) Hammons 27 Jan 1894 - 11 May 1980 OH 15 May 1980 p12

Services for Mrs. Oda Short, 86, Ash Grove, were held Tuesday in Mt. Vernon. A stepson, Charlie Hammons, Ozark, is among those surviving. Burial was in Mt. Olive Cemetery in Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Short died Sunday in Cox Medical Center after a two-week illness.


Short, Oscar A. 31 Jul 1897 - 26 Jul 1977

[Note: Son of John & Lona (Griffin) Short; married Nell Stamper 5 Sep 1901 - 23 May 1991]

Services for Oscar A. Short, 79, of 1110 West Florida, will be at 1:30 p.m. today at High Street Baptist Church with David Cavin officiating.  Burial will be in Frazier Cemetery under direction of Klingner.  Mr. Short died at midnight Tuesday at Cox Medical Center after a long illness.  He was a retired Frisco Railway employee and was a member of High Street Baptist Church.  Surviving are his wife, Nell; a son, John, of Galena; a daughter, Mrs. Lu Anna Pritchard, West Plains; three sisters, Mrs. Opal Merritt, Springfield, Mrs. Ruth Word, Willard, and Mrs. Delphia Butler, Pomona, Calif.; a brother, Leo, of the state of California; five grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

Note: this clipping from the collection of Audrey (King) Maples has a handwritten date of July 26, 1977 in the margin.

Contributed by Rada Beth (Hayden) Maples.


Short, P. Imogene (Solomon) 2 May 1921 - 28 Aug 1982 OH 2 Sep 1982 p3

[Note: Daughter of Willard Roswell & Matylene “Mattie” (Glossip) Solomon; married John W. Short 11 Sep 1921 - 28 Aug 1982]

Services for Imogene Short, 81, Ponce de Leon, were held Aug. 30 in the Ponce de Leon First Baptist Church with the Revs. Kenneth McIntosh, Laverne Maxwell and Loyd Wilson officiating. Burial was under the direction of Harris of  Ozark. Mrs. Short died Aug. 28 in her home after a long illness. Survivors include a son, Keet, Highlandville; a daughter, Ann, Springfield; two grandchildren; and her mother, Mrs. Mattie Solomon, Ponce de Leon.


Short, Richard 22 Apr 1902 - 17 Apr 1988 OH 21 Apr 1988

[Note: married 1937 Mildred Bush who died 1982; married 1986 Edith "Sue" Short]

Richard Short, 85, of Spring field, died Sunday at 3:17 p.m. at St. John's Regional Health Center, Springfield, after a short illness. Services for Mr. Short were held at 10 a.m. Wednesday in the Greenlawn Funeral Home South, with the Rev. Paul Swadley officiating. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery, Bolivar. Mr. Short was a member of the Prairie Village Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, and of South Gate Masonic Lodge No. 547 AF & AM, Kansas City, where he had been a member for more than 62 years. He retired in 1962 from the Railway Express Agency, Kansas City, after 42 years of service. After his railroad retirement, he was employed by Union Construction Company in Kansas City, where for 13 years he operated two rock quarries and asphalt plants. He moved to Springfield in 1976. He married Mildred Bush, Bolivar, in 1937. She preceded him in death in 1982. He married Edith "Sue" Short in 1983, and she survives. Other survivors include a son and daughter-in-law, Richard and Rhonda Short, Rogersville; two nephews, Jack, and his wife, Jean, of Harrison, Arkansas, and Tom, and his wife, Maxine, Bella Vista, Arkansas; a niece, Imogene, and her husband, Harold Phipps, Grove, Oklahoma; and three grandchildren.


Short, Samuel Calvin “Cal” 8 Aug 1864 - 26 May 1953

[Note: Son of Samuel & Elizabeth (O’Bryant) Short; married Sarah Elizabeth Manley 27 May 1866 - 1 Jan 1945]

S. C. “Cal” Short, 89, a retired farmer, died at 11:15 last night at his home four and a half miles southeast of Republic.  Mr. Short’s farm was on the Christian-Greene County line, and he had been a resident of that community all of his life.  Survivors include four sons, Clella of Route 2, Republic, John of Sparta, Ray of Berkley, Mich., and Fred of Wasco, Calif.; four daughters, Mrs. Velma King and Miss Effie Short of Route 2, Republic, Mrs. Bessie Young of Nixa and Mrs. Ruby Dicks of Springfield; 23 grandchildren; 27 great-grandchildren; and one great-great-granddaughter.  Funeral services will be at 2 o’clock Thursday afternoon in the Clever Baptist Church.  Burial will be in Lindsey Chapel Cemetery south of Republic under direction of Harris of Clever.  Pallbearers will be Neal, Dale and Eldon Short, Myron Hannah, Ellis Mooneyham and Gene Boatright.

Note: This clipping from the collection of Lula (Rogers) Gardner has a handwritten date of 1953 in the margin.


Short, Samuel Calvin “Cal” 8 Aug 1864 - 26 May 1953 CCR 11 Jun 1953 p1

Samuel Calvin “Cal” Short, 89, a lifelong resident and prominent farmer who lived on the Christian and Greene County line 4 1/2 miles southeast of Republic, died May 26 at his home. Funeral services were held at 2:00 o’clock Sunday afternoon at Clever Baptist Church, with Rev. R. W. Forbis officiating. Burial was in Lindsey Cemetery, south of Republic, under direction of Harris Funeral Home of Clever. Escorts were Neal, Dale and Eldon Short, Myron Hannah, Ellis Mooneyham and Gene Boatwright. He is survived by four sons, Clella Short of Republic, John Short of Sparta, Ray Short of Berkeley, Mich., and Fred Short of Wasco. Calif., four daughters, Mrs. Velma King of Republic, Miss Effie Short of the home, Mrs. Bessie Young of Nixa and Mrs. Ruby Dicks of Springfield; 21 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren and one great, great granddaughter

Short, Samuel James 7 Nov 1930 - 19 Jun 2011 CCH-N 13 Jul 2011

[Note: Son of Ora & Thelma (Cutbirth) Short; married Doris]

Samuel James Short, Republic, son of Ora and Thelma (Cutbirth) Short was born Nov. 7, 1930, in Galena, and died June 19, 2011, in his home. Short was a lifelong resident of the Republic area. He owned and operated Republic Insulation for over 30 years. He was also a member of the Masonic Lodge 32 degree, Lions Club and the Shriners. He was a U. S. Navy veteran and was of the Baptist faith. Survivors include: wife Doris Short; two sons, Del Short and wife Malinda, of Grove, Okla., and Eric Short of Billings; daughter Gayle Traynor of Grove, Okla.; two step-daughters, Chris Smith of Republic, and Karen Childress of Republic; brother Billy Short of Crane; sister Peggy Jones of Crane; five grandchildren; two step-grandchildren; one step-great-grandchild and a host of other relatives and friends. No services are planned. Cremation was under the direction of Manlove-Stumpff Funeral Home, Crane.


Short, Sarah Elizabeth (Manley) 27 May 1866 - 1 Jan 1945 CCR 4 Jan 1945 p1

[Note: Daughter of John T. & Nancy J. (Carr) Manley; married 1884 Samuel Calvin “Cal” Short] 8 Aug 1864 - 26 May 1953[

Sarah Elizabeth Short, 78, died Monday night at her home near Republic. She was married to S.C. Short in 1884 and to this union were born 10 children. One son, Hershel, a World War Veteran, preceded his mother in death three years ago. Surviving are her husband, five sons, Clell of Clever, John of Sparta, Fred of California, Uel of Kansas City, Ray of Detroit, Mich.; four daughters, Mrs. Bessie Young of Nixa, Mrs. Ruby Dicks of Springfield, Mrs. Velma King of Republic, Miss Effa Short of the home; three brothers, W.C., R.C.  and J.C. Manley and one sister, Miss Etta Manley, all of Republic; 23 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted Wednesday afternoon in the Cumberlain Presbyterian church by Rev. Cooke of Republic. Burial was made in the Lindsey chapel under direction of the Wilburn Maples Funeral Home of Clever.


Short, Troy G. 22 Oct 1902 – 9 Nov 1991  NN-E 14 Nov 1991

[Note: Son of Henry & Gilley (Galloway) Short; married Ferna M. Stumpff 20 Sep 1902 - 10 Jul 1991]

Troy G. Short, 89, Ozark, died Saturday evening, Nov. 9, 1991 in St. John's Regional Health Center, Springfield. Born Oct. 22, 1902 in Jenkins, he was the son of Henry and Gilley Galloway Short. He attended Missouri State Teachers College, Springfield, and graduated from the University of Missouri. He taught school in Barry County and later worked as country agriculture agent in Howell and Maries counties. He was a member of Southside Church of Christ, Ozark. Preceding him in death were his wife of 61 years, Ferna, who died July 10, 1991; his parents; two sisters; and a brother.  Survivors include a son and daughter-in-law, Jack and Ann Short, Ozark; four grandchildren, Doug, Rock and Jay Short, and Jacqueline Chubbs; eight great-grandchildren; and three nieces. Funeral services were held Tuesday in Adams Funeral Home with Charles White officiating. Burial was in Clio Cemetery, Barry County.


Short, Uel 1900 - 16 Jul 1946 CCR 18 Jul 1946 p1

[Note: Son of Samuel Calvin “Cal” & Sarah Elizabeth (Manley); married Roberta]

Uel Short, 46, former resident of Republic, now of Kansas City, died of a heart attack Tuesday afternoon, July 16, while enroute from the Sheffield Steel Corp. in Kansas City, where he was employed to his home at 306 S. Hardy Ave. in the city. Mr. Short collapsed at the wheel of his car and died immediately. The body will be returned to Republic for service Saturday afternoon at the Evergreen Cemetery. Rev. Goins of the Mt. Washington Baptist Church in Kansas City will officiate and the Wyndote Mortuary of Independence, Mo., will be in charge of burial. He is survived by his father, S.C. Short of Republic; his wife, Mrs. Roberta Short; one son, Ernest; one daughter, Mrs. Genevieve Thompson; his son-in-law, Frank Thompson, all of Kansas City; four brothers, Ray of Detroit, Fred of Wasco, Calif., Clella of Clever and John of Sparta; four sisters, Mrs. Velma King and Miss Effa Short of Republic, Mrs. Bessie Young of Nixa, and Mrs. Ruby Dick of Springfield; one sister-in-law, Mrs. Herschel Short and two sons of Detroit.


Short, Victor Neal 15 Apr 1917 - 7 Feb 2009 SN-L 9 Feb 2009 & SN-L 10 Feb 2009 & CCH-N 11 Feb 2009 & AdamsFH

[Note: Son of John Samuel & Bertha E. (Earnhart) Short; married 20 Jan 1945 Norma Maxine Allred]

Victor Neal Short, age 91, Sparta, passed away Saturday, February 7, 2009 in Cox Medical Center South after a short illness. He was born April 15,1917 to John and Bertha Short of Ponce de Leon. Neal attended Clever Schools through his Junior year, transferring to Sparta in 1933 and graduating in 1934 from Sparta High School. Neal was united in marriage to Norma Maxine Allred on January 20, 1945.Together they established the Ne-Sho Holstein Cattle at their Meadow Green Farms in Sparta with their two children, Phil and Brenda. Neal was a devoted husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather who dearly loved and enjoyed his family. Neal was a lifelong farmer raising dairy and beef cattle, receiving many awards and achievements. He was also active in serving on several agricultural boards, Sparta School Board and political committees. Neal enjoyed fishing on Table Rock Lake and was an avid sports fan in the Sparta and Ozark communities, watching grandchildren and great grandchildren participate. He was a longtime member of the Sparta Christian Church serving as Elder and Deacon for many years. Neal was a 50 year member of the Sparta Masonic Lodge #296. Preceding Neal in death were his parents; two brothers, Dale and Eldon; a sister, Mary; and a great granddaughter Lauren Elizabeth Estes. He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Norma; son Phil and wife Nancy, Sparta; daughter Brenda and husband Randy Teague, Sparta; five grandchildren, Sherri Gimlin and husband Keith, Sparta; Kevin Short and wife Natalie, Osage Beach, Rusty Estes and friend Shannon and Lauren, Sparta, Ryan Estes, Kansas City, Mo., Amy Estes, Branson West, Randall Estes and friend Jackie, Springfield; step grandchildren, Brooke (Teague) Martin and husband Dennis, Fremont Hills, and Brad and Kelly Teague, Fremont Hills; great grandchildren, Brandi Case, Collin Gimlin, Riley, Cooper and Macy Short, and Reese Estes; step great grandchildren, Collin and Natalie Teague, Andrew Spencer and Madison Teague; two sisters, Phyllis Simpson and husband George, Sparta; Sharon Rathbun and husband Ron, Abilene, Texas; and several nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. A funeral service will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday in Adams Funeral Home, Ozark, with Pastor Tommy Bilyeu and Jim Groves officiating. Burial will follow in Sparta Cemetery. Visitation will be from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday in the funeral home. Memorial contributions may be made to American Diabetes Association or Ozark Christian Church Building Fund.


Short, Victor Neal 15 Apr 1917 - 7 Feb 2009 CCH-N 18 Feb 2009

Thank You

            We, the family of Neal Short, would like to thank our family and friends for their blessings of prayers, flowers, food, cards, calls and being with us in our time of need at the loss of our “Dear One” and all that attended his visitation. Also our appreciation and thanks to Adams Funeral Home and to those officiating at the services - Jim Groves and Tommy Bilyeu. Thanks to the Ozark Christian Church for the serving of our lunch. May God bless each of you. -- The Family of Neal Short.


Short, William Dale 8 Apr 1914 – 17 Dec 1991  NN-E 26 Dec 1991

[Note: Son of John & Bertha E. (Earnhart) Short; married 4 Jul 1938 Kathleen “Mawzie” Stone 30 Sep 1914 - 6 Jul 2010]

William "Dale" Short, 77, Rogersville, died Tuesday evening, Dec. 17, 1991, in Cox Medical Center South, Springfield, of, an a apparent heart attack. He was born April 8, 1914, in Greene County to John and Bertha Earnhart Short. He was married to Kathleen Stone July 4, 1938 in Christian County at the home of the Rev. Linn Swadley. He was a member of the  United Methodist Church, Clever, and a graduate of Clever High School. He graduated from Diesel Engineering school in 1937 and from DeForeest Electronics, Chicago, Ill. He served on the Webster County Soil and Water Conservation District for 20 years as a supervisor. He was a member of the MASWCD and in 1949 received one of the Balanced Farming Awards from Webster County. He has been a farmer all his life. He was director of Crown School, Webster County, and has served as school board director for the Logan-Rogersville school district three terms. He was serving at Republican committeeman in Linden township in Christian County. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen, of the home; two sons, John Dale Short and his wife, Linda, Rogersville, and Samuel C. Short, West Plains; two daughters, DeLayne Humble and her husband, Jamie, Rogersville, and Debby Carden and her husband, Gary, Nixa; ten grandchildren; a great-granddaughter; a brother, Neal Short, Sparta; three sisters, Phyllis Simpson, Sparta, Mary Garrison, Springfield, and Sharon Rathbun, Abilene, Texas; and several nieces and nephews Services were held Friday in Preston-Marsh Funeral Home. Burial will be in Linden Cemetery with the Revs. George Carden and Jerry Humble officiating.


Shortt, Arlie Olath 1 Sep 1915 - 19 Feb 1978 OH 23 Feb 1978 p11

[Note: Son of Ivory Lee & Nora Ethyl (Nelson) Shortt; married Eula Maggard]

OZARK - Services for Arlie Shortt, 62, Sparta, were at 2 p.m. Tuesday in Adams Chapel with the Revs. James “Hobo” Applegate and Carl Thompson officiating. Masonic burial rites were at Sparta Cemetery. Mr. Shortt died Sunday morning in St. John’s Hospital. Springfield, after a short illness. He was a highway construction worker and a member of Sparta Masonic Lodge No. 296. Survivors include his wife, Eula; a son, Larry, Springfield; a daughter, Mrs. Judith Graham, Vallejo, Calif.; his mother, Mrs. Nora Shortt, Sparta; seven brothers, Evert, Ava, Herman and Sam, both of Sparta, Milford, Roseville. Calif,, Dewey, Citrus Heights, Calif., Darrell, Marshfield, Lester, Stockton, Calif.; two sisters, Mrs. Bonnie Rogers, Fordland and Mrs. Pearl Hull, Springfield; and two grandchildren.

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