Walker / Gardner Cemetery

Walker-Gardner Cemetery

located just outside of Ozark, west of Parch Corn Hollow Road, on a bluff overlooking the Finley River

photos donated by Margaret Butler & Duane O'Neal

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[February 2000 survey by Royce Lynn Allen, Glathea M. Allen Sanford, Twila (Allen) Barber, and Margaret Butler, all descendants of Benjamin B. & Emily (Morlan) Butler.]

(located on private property -- no trespassing, please) Parch Corn Hollow (between Finley and Linden f/k/a Kenton) outside of Ozark, Christian County, Missouri


Main Cemetery

About 53 marked & unmarked grave sites were detected in February 2000; however, it is very likely that there are many more unmarked graves in the cemetery. Those known to be buried there:

1. Addie J. Walker, wife of G.A. Walker. Born Mar. 10, 1872, died Aug.4, 1896. Her tombstone reads: Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep; From which none ever wake to weep.

2. Homer Walker, son of G.A. & A.J. Walker. Born Jan. 12, 1894, died Jan. 8, 1896. His tombstone reads: Gone but not forgotten.

His footstone reads: H.W.

3. A lone marker which reads on top: INFANT. Nothing is written on the front or back of the marker. The footstone reads: W.J.W.

4. Abraham W. Walker, son of Leonard & Nancy M. Walker. Born Oct. 12, 1850, died Oct. 23, 1868. His tombstone reads: Weep not Father Mother and friends for me; For I am waiting in glory for thee.

His footstone reads: A.W.W.

5. Ollie G. Walker, dau. of Leonard & Nancy M. Walker. Born Feb. 3, 1853, died Oct. 14, 1861. Her tombstone reads: Gone but not forgotten.

Her footstone reads: O.G.W.

6. Leonard W. Walker. Born July 12, 1812, died January 17, 1896. His tombstone reads: An honest man's the noblest work of God.

His footstone reads: L.W.W.

7. Nancy M. Walker, wife of Leonard Walker. Born July 24, 1826, died Oct. 16, 1901. Her tombstone reads: 'Twas hard to give thee up but thy will O God be done.

Her footstone reads: N.M.W.

8. On a rock marker is scratched the name: Hannah Adams.

9. On a military tombstone: Capt. Wm. Gardner, Co. B, 72nd MO E. Mil., born Nov. 11, 1823, died Oct. 31, 1885. A Masonic emblem is on the tombstone.

A footstone lying nearby on the ground reads: W.G.

10. A later marble tombstone reads:

William Gardner, Nov. 11, 1823-Oct. 31, 1885

Wife Mary A. Gardner, Mar. 7, 1834-Sept. 1, 1925

Peace be thy silent slumber [William Gardner was the son of Joseph & Susannah (Moreland) Gardner. Joseph had earlier been a Justice of the Peace in Cass Co., MI, and he is probably the same "Joseph Gardner" who was a Christian County Court Judge between 1863-1867. William Gardner served as State Representative between 1873-1879, and is believed to be the same "William Gardner" who served as Christian Co. Sheriff and Collector of Revenue during some part of 1877-1885. Also, William's brother-in-law was Archibald Walker. Primary source: Christian Co., MO Internet home page, Christian County, Missouri Elected Officials.]

11. Mary Gardner, dau. of Wm. & Mary Gardner. Born May 22, 1861, died Aug. 19, 1865.

12. Frances Gardner, wife of F. Gardner. Born Nov. 22, 1853, died Mar. 4, 1898. At the top of her tombstone is an open Holy Bible design, with the words: Come Ye Blessed.

On one side of Frances Gardner's tombstone is the inscription: Minney, born Jan. 11, 1885, died Sept. 14, 1888; Infant, March 10, 1874

Children of F. & F. Gardner

13. Fernando Gardner, born Oct. 23, 1853, died Jan. 1, 1900. A Masonic emblem is on the tombstone. [Son of William & Mary Gardner.]

14. D.F. Burgess, Sept. 27, 1862; Dec. 17, 1925. His grave lies within a plot marked by four corner blocks, each showing the initial "B". Within that plot is a simple marker showing only the name of Mary, and next to that is another marker showing only INF [which probably means "infant"]. S/o Bailey Burgess as per his death certificate.

[David F. Burgess was married to Maud Gardner, dau. of Wm. & Mary Gardner. This is proven in a Christian County, MO land deed Affidavit, Book 98, pages 306, 306-2, Nos. 15 and 16.]

15. W.T. Compton, Nov. 11, 1840; Jan. 30, 1904.

Footstone reads: W.T.C.

16. G.W. Bly, born in Pennsylvania Dec. 22, 1854; died Mar. 1, 1896.

His footstone is unmarked.

17. B.A. Stone, born Feb. 22, 1822, died April 23, 1896. His tombstone is made in the form of a temple and bears a Masonic emblem.

[Benjamin Allen Stone was from Cannon Co., TN where he had been a deputy sheriff. Source: Christian County Historian, Volume I and Volume II, 1988-1989, pp. 48-49, by Kathleen Stone Short.]

[In 1852 Greene Co., MO, he was a Justice of the Peace. Source: A Christian Co., MO land deed.]

[Between 1885-1887, he served as Collector of the Revenue of Christian County. Source: Christian Co., MO Internet home page, Christian County, Missouri Elected Officials.]

On a second side of B.A. Stone's tombstone is the following inscription: Eliz J Stone, Departed this Life April 19, 1863

On a third side of B.A. Stone's tombstone is the following inscription: Stacy Stone, Departed this Life April 19, 1853

[When Benjamin's weathered tombstone was surveyed, the death years of both Eliz and Stacy Stone appeared to be 1853; however, a second glance showed that Stacy's death year appeared to be 1863. But for accuracy, I am making the death years consistent with the following. In Christian County Historian, Volume I and Volume II, 1988-1989, pp. 48-49, by Kathleen Stone Short, it says that Benjamin's first wife, Stacy (Pendleton) Stone and son Dillard "died in an epidemic during the summer of 1853." (Dillard died Aug. 13, 1853.) It also stated that Benjamin's second wife, Eliza J. (Duncan) Stone died of "childbirth complications in April 1863." Eliza and Benjamin did have a daughter named Stacy Catherine Stone, but she was still living in her father's household in 1870, so it is not daughter Stacy named on Benjamin's tombstone. And since it is doubtful that both wives died on the same day ten years apart, it was probably Eliza who died April 19, 1863. Stacy's 1853 death year is correct, but her death month and date are probably a tombstone cutter's mistake.]

18. Dillard Stone, born Mar. 6, 1853; departed this life Aug. 13, 1853. [Dillard was the son of Benjamin A. Stone & wife Stacy (Pendleton) Stone.]

19. The last readable headstone states: Mary S. Stone, Departed this Life 1864.

[This is probably Mary Segal Stone, dau. of Eliza and Benjamin, who is named in the above referenced Christian County Historian article.]

Slave Section

The late Nelson Garrett Butler, formerly of Republic, MO and born 1857, took some family members to the cemetery and stated that a slave section was nearby. His grandson, Duane O'Neal of Springfield, MO, believes it is next to the cemetery where the newer lane passes over it; however, the exact location may never be known. Nelson G. Butler said his parents and baby sister (all Caucasian) were buried in the slave section during the spring of 1862.

They died of smallpox, and people were so frightened of the disease, they decided to bury the smallpox victims in the slave area. It is said they even burned the wagons which carried the bodies to their graves.

Nelson said the slaves' graves were positioned north and south, while the Caucasians were buried east and west. All the graves located within the main cemetery are positioned east and west, so the slave section has to be located somewhere outside of the cemetery boundaries, as Nelson Butler indicated to his family.

Those known to be buried in the slave section, in unmarked graves, were:

Benjamin B. "B.B." Butler, born abt 1819 OH, died about March 1862.

Susan Emily (Morlan) Butler, born abt 1825 OH, died about April 1862.

Baby Girl Butler, died about April 1862.

[Susan Emily (Morlan) Butler was the daughter of William Morlan (Moreland) & sister to Jobe Wm. Morlan. The Morlan family members were residents of Linden Township up to 1870.

William Morlan's sister was Susannah (Moreland) Gardner, mother of WilliamL. Gardner. Also, William Morlan married (2) Sarah Ann Stone. Jobe W. Morlan married Jane Gardner, sister to William L. Gardner. The Gardners and Morlans were first cousins.]



Only a very few pieces of tombstones were located. Here's what the broken pieces revealed:

1. Footstone, in three pieces, showing the initials: "E.S."

2. A piece of a footstone, reading: "S.G."

3. A piece of a tombstone showing a depiction of a dove in flight, facing the left.

4. A piece of tombstone with the inscription: * __RN * [obviously BORN] * , 1863 *

5. Another tombstone piece reading: 1863

6. A piece of tombstone reading: ...SAN * * Wm & *

[I believe "SAN" were the last three letters in SUSAN, dau. of Wm & Mary Gardner. The way "Wm &" is written & positioned on the stone is identical to the tombstone for "Mary, dau. of Wm & Mary Gardner."

7. A larger piece of tombstone reads: ..ardner * [Obviously, Gardner]

* BORN * * Jan. 11, 1852 *

* DIED * * Oct. 23, 1853 *


[February 2000 survey by Royce Lynn Allen, Glathea M. Allen Sanford,

Twila (Allen) Barber, and Margaret Butler,

all descendants of Benjamin B. & Emily (Morlan) Butler.]


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